Our employees are qualified by our partner companies from Irland, Poland and Germany. All these scholarships had a positive impact upon our employees, our internal standards being in a continuous development.

From the beginning of our activity, since 2007, our employees have been involved in different quality control processes for the rubber industry. They have checked finished products for automotive industry, like different types of gaskets. During this period we had a small number of employees, only 12 persons.

Our company had an extremely important support in its activity, by our main client from Ireland, who is a leading global supplier of electronic interconnectors. In May 2007, we have started the cooperation with the Irish company and starting that moment, our company assembles electronic components, such as: Sim Card holders, a large area of connectors for general use and for the automotive industry, jacks – for mobile phones and radios. For the moment we have 8 projects related to connectors assembling.

In the mean time, 4K Services has developed its activity and has started the cooperation with other important companies in the electronic branch. Thus we have started the cooperation with a Swiss company, known as a highly appreciated supplier for lamps, produced by well known designers, so our activity has developed in the interior lightning area also.

We have now about 50 employees detached for the electronic components assembling, in one location.

In June 2010, our company has bought a full production line from Germany for stamping, kiss-cut stamping, laminating, debiting, plasma cleaning, gluing, etc. of cellular rubber (plates and cords) and of other materials used in automotive industry, and also for general purposes. Once this project has been transferred from Germany to Romania, the owners of the company have allocated their investments for acquiring a facility, which represents the second working point, that includes a production hall, an administration building and 50 acres of land, which are now entirely refurbished. The headquarter develops its activity in this new building. In the near by future (2013 – 2014) we have planed to build a new production hall, on the existing land, and to grow up our employees number to over 100 persons.

The acquisition of the project from Germany has been succeeded by the collaboration with a German company, known worldwide as one of the most important provider in the automotive industry, for gaskets and seals. Most of our products from this working point are being built for this client.

Some other important destinations of our products, besides automotive industry, are: medical industry, logistics, domestic appliance, construction, police, furniture industry, electronic and electrical industry, etc.

Currently, we own about 20 performant working machines that help us develop our activity. The technological processes that we own are: slicing, hot and cold laminating, stamping, kiss-cut stamping, plasma cleaning, debiting, cutting, hot and cold gluing, freezing trimming, thermal molding for polishing plates, transfer injection.

At the moment, our company has a total number of approximately 70 employees.